Student Services

Every student is valued at Middle Swan PS. Our educational and pastoral care beliefs are strong and widely valued and recognised. As an Independent Public School supporting the various needs of our students is a strategic priority for our school community. Our entire school structure is based upon our beliefs that have evolved over time and helped the school gain National and State honours and refine our genuine ability to cater for the individual developmental needs of students.

Educational delivery recognises the individual students learning needs, efficient processes exist to identify these needs and to seek support from whatever source is required to help make all students maximise their individual potential.

Programs, specialists and access to a variety of agency support exists to support students not only pursue their interests but to also assist them when they most need help.

These programs and support personnel include:

  • School Psychologist services
  • Child and Family Centre – Homework Classes
  • Speech Pathology program
  • Breakfast Club
  • Community Liaison Officer – FAST
  • Student Leadership Program
  • Therapy services
  • Drum beat
  • Talk It Out