Cybersafety Policy


In accordance with the Plan for Government Schools Middle Swan Primary School is committed to ensuring that our students experience ICT through an integrated approach that promotes engagement, motivation and ‘real world’ application of technology.

Important terms used in this document:

(a) The term ‘ICT equipment/devices’ used in this document, includes but is not limited to, computers, storage devices, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, iPods, MP3 players), cameras, all types of mobile phones and any other technologies as they come into use.

(b) ‘Cybersafety’ refers to the safe and responsible use of the Internet and ICT equipment , including mobile phones

Middle Swan Primary School endeavours to provide a safe physical and emotional environment. This responsibility is linked to the use of the Internet and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) and a number of related cybersafety issues. Whilst the Internet and ICT equipment bring great benefits to the teaching and learning programme, they can also expose anti-social or inappropriate, material and activities. Middle Swan Primary School will develop and maintain rigorous and effective CyberSafety Practices which aim to maximise the benefits of the Internet and ICT devices/equipment to student learning, while minimising and managing any risks. These CyberSafety Practices will aim to not only maintain a cybersafe school environment, but also to address the needs of students and other members of the school community to receive education about the safe and responsible use of present and developing information and communication technologies.

Guidelines for Middle Swan Primary School:

  1. No student may use the school Internet facilities and school-owned/leased ICT devices/equipment in any circumstances unless Middle Swan Primary School CyberSafety Practices are followed.
  2. Use of the Internet and the ICT equipment by staff, students and other approved users at Middle Swan is to be limited to appropriate use in line with the Department of Education Telecommunications Use Policy which states, ”Personal use of telecommunication resources is permitted provided it is not for commercial gain or in any way counter productive to the business of the Department”.
  3. The school and the Education Department has the right to monitor, access and review all use. This includes personal emails sent and received on the schools computers and network facilities.
  4. The safety of children is of paramount concern. Any apparent breach of CyberSafety Practices will be taken seriously and parents will be informed.

CyberSafety Practices (linked to our School Values) Respect your Environment

  • Students will not use school ICT equipment unless they are familiar with Middle Swan Primary School CyberSafety Practices.
  • Students will only use the computers and other ICT equipment with teacher permission and under adult supervision.

Do Your Best

  • Students will use the Internet for educational purposes only.
  • If unsure of their online safety students will ask an adult for assistance.

Be an Active Citizen

  • Students are expected to use their common sense and not access inappropriate material on the Internet.
  • If a student inadvertently accesses anything inappropriate they will:
    - Turn the screen off
    - Get a teacher straight away
    - Not show others

Respect Others

  • Students will not use the Internet, email, mobile phones or any other ICT equipment to be mean, rude, or unkind about other people.

Respect Yourself

  • Students will never enter any personal information about themselves (or others) on the Internet