School Board

The Board meets at least once a term and is actively engaged in school decision making, monitoring of school performance against the Business Plan and Budget and is solution focussed. School Board members are also active participants in School Reviews.

The Board is a team that works together to learn effective Board function and improve school outcomes The Board reflects our community by including staff and community members who are nominated or voted in for a period of 2 years. The Principal and one Deputy are automatically included on the School Board. At Middle Swan Primary School the Board has been proactive in promoting Excellence and Respect by introducing Rewards for each year group at the end of both Semsters One and Two that acknowledge outstanding achievement and citizenship. Excellence and Respect Awards are presented at the  end of each semester assembly. 

The Board places great importance in ensuring that the  Voluntary Contributions and Personal List items are well communicated  and reflect the school's needs. They are focussed on improving the rate of voluntary contributions paid each year. 

The 2023 School Board Committee includes:

Rae McAllister - Chair CPC

Matthew McCoy - Smith Family

Lynne Carpenter - Community Rep

Chantelle Mulholland - Community Rep

Richard ODonnell - Community Rep 

Karen Sullivan - Deputy Principal

Frances Coventry - Deputy Principal