Principal's Message

Middle Swan PS has ‘Excellence and Respect’ as its vision statement which is threaded through every part of school life. It is the catch cry teachers refer to when encouraging students to do their best and it is the name of the School Board Awards that are presented at the end of every term.

Middle Swan staff typify 'Excellence and Respect'. They use evidence based research and strategies to enhance their teaching and planning. They collaborate in block teams to better plan and set targets for student improvement and they consider the big picture to focus on the goal of whole school improvement. However more importantly Middle Swan staff establish positive working relationships and rapport with both students and parents to bring about great outcomes.

We have three key foci; Literacy, Numeracy and student wellbeing. The following programs and strategies are implemented to develop our foci further;

  1. Spelling Mastery across Years 1 to 6
  2. Oral Language/Language Express for Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students
  3. Speech Pathology screening and individualised programs
  4. Talk 4 Writing is a whole school program designed to provide quality and quantity to student vocabulary knowledge and enable their full writing potential
  5. A whole school focus on mental maths strategies
  6. A whole school pedagogy of explicit direct instruction
  7. All staff are skilled in the use of Classroom Management Strategies – a highly regarded pedagogy for effective classroom management
  8. The implementation of behaviour interventions for students who require additional support and learning around self regulation 
  9. Friendly School’s Pus is a whole school social program to counter issues surrounding bullying
  10. Smiling Mind practices
  11. Changing Gears is a bike program that Year 5 and 6 students have opportunity to participate in each term

The school community contributes greatly to school activities. Parents are keen to participate in fund raising projects of the P and C and the School Board focusses on supporting staff with school improvement. The Child Parent Centre is an invaluable resource to both the school and wider community in the services and agencies it is able to source. But you only have to see the large number of parents who attend assemblies, three way conferences or graduations to realise the support the school receives from parents and the place of importance in their family’s life. Over and over again we hear how grateful and appreciative parents are with the manner in which the school has cared for and been committed to their child’s education.

Middle Swan is Excellence and Respect.

Frances Coventry