Middle Swan Primary School is particularly lucky because the canteen is open every day.  Lunches can be ordered every day and parents are asked to fill out orders for studetns in Kindy, pre pimary and year 1. Please write your name, block and class number and order on the outside of bag, using a black or blue pen.  Place money in the bag. Wait for change if required or leave your order in the sealed box at the canteen before school. Change is wrapped and placed back into bags.

If you have 2 or more children you can place all of bags and money into one bag, that way we can process the total amount.

Lunches go directly to the classrooms at lunchtime. The teacher will hand out drinks, yoghurts and the lunches.


  • All Ice-creams and chips for lunch time must be pre ordered in the morning as they are no longer available from the Canteen window at lunch.
  • If no money accompanies the lunch order, your child will not receive their order. Instead they will receive a vegemite sandwich & a bill will be sent home.
  • We encourage all lunch orders to be placed by 9.30 each day. This allows staff to prepare lunches. Orders received after recess will only be filled with stock that remains.
  • Lunch orders will not be accepted after the end of recess.
  • If you have a young or timid child, please ask them if they received their lunch order. If not please let us know.
  • Recess items are only available at recess time.
  • Please note that Middle Swan encourages healthy foods message. Children will only be allowed to purchase one ice confection per day and will be encouraged to spend lunch money on a ”balanced” lunch.

Helpers are always needed

Helpers are always needed; even 1 hour in the mornings would be greatly welcome. IDEALLY WE NEED 2 VOLUNTEERS PER DAY.

Half price lunches for your children on the day you work 2 hours or more and a free ice cream.

Canteen phone number: 9265 1827